Contact and Information

Eddie Bromberg

Tel. 905 881 4691

ebromberg [at] hotmail [dot] com

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Important Notes
The paintings are not for sale at this stage. Accurate reproduction can be ordered for a few of the paintings.
However, we are looking for Museums or Galleries for retrospective exhibition of the original art works.
In addition, we will also be interested in sponsorship of the art work anywhere in Israel, Europe or North America.

It came to our attention recently, that a few fake paintings are being sold under the name ‘Moshe Bromberg’,

Please contact us to authenticate and verify that the paintings are genuine. We will do it for free.


5 thoughts on “Contact and Information

  1. My Grandfather collected many works of Moshe Bromberg. I have about 12 portraits of Rabbis in our office. If you want to borrow for an exhibition I might be interested.

    • Hi Howard,
      First, many thanks for your e-mail.
      I am happy to read that your grandfather bought these art works. At this I am not preparing an exhibition, however, I am curious as to the actual paintings you posses and would be nice to see some photos.
      I am sure your grandfather bought them directly from my father in Israel.
      Eddie Bromberg

  2. I can send you some photos. We have moved our office in NY and looking for something to do with them – are there any Jewish Museums that might want to have them?

  3. Is the Painter Miriam Bromberg the daughter of Moshe? We have a Miriam Bromberg painting and cannot find a BIO on her.

    • Hi Sahrah,
      Miriam Bromberg is my sister, the daughter of Moshe Bromberg.
      I doubt that she painted your painting. If you send me a photo copy I will verify my statement.
      Eddie Bromberg in Toronto cell 416 200 2998

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