Biblical Miniatures

Bar Kokhba Revolt against the Romans (132-136 CE, Source: Jerusalem Talmud)

David playing for King Saul

Judith slaying Holoperens


Macabbe brothers

TU b’Av Dance


Samson slaying the Lion (Judges, Chap. 14:5-10)

Judah Maccabbe entering Jerusalem

Banquet hosted by Belshazzar (Daniel Chap. 5:25-28)

Benjamin men abducting women of Shiloh (Judges Chap. 21:21-25)

Ehud slaying King Eglon (Judges 3:12-30)

The son and moon stood still in Gibeon (Joshua Chap. 10:12-13)

Joseph and Potiphar’s wife (Genesis Chap. 39:6-20)

Night war against the Midianim (Judges Chap. 6:16-25)

Esther and Mordechai in the King feast (Esther Chap. 8:15-17)

King Solomon welcoming Queen Sheba (Kings, Chap. 10:1-10)

King Saul and Samuel with the witch of Endor (Samuel Chap. 28:3-25)

Shoshana (Susanna) and the two Elders (Septuagit ‘Daniel’, Chap. 13)

First Temple destruction and Exile (Jeremiah Chap. 52:10-27)

Yael killing Sisera (Judges Chap. 4:16-23)


Guache on paper, 190 x 250 mm

Ruth in Boaz’s field (Ruth, Chap. 2:1-17)









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